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Jason 'Spicy G' Goldman and Lia Booth

September 16, 2022 Episode 179
The Jazz Podcast
Jason 'Spicy G' Goldman and Lia Booth
Show Notes

LOS ANGELES, CA - Multi-platinum selling producer, songwriter, arranger Jason "Spicy G"
Goldman, in collaboration with jazz vocalist Lia Booth are set to release their new LP, "There's Only One", on September 16, 2022.

The album features provocative takes on the great American songbook, as well as a trio of
originals reminiscent of the classics. Expanding on Goldman's previous album, "Hypnotised", "There's Only One" is filled with the vibrant sounds of a full big band and orchestra uniquely blended with today's modern production sounds.

All songs were produced, arranged, and orchestrated by Jason Goldman. Says Jason about the
project, "Lia and I are so excited for people to hear There's Only One. We infused many different styles of music into this album, from classic jazz swing to Latin grooves to modern pop sounds all while honouring the tradition of the classic American songbook genre.
There's Only One pulls listeners through a range of emotions through poetic lyrics and the lush sounds of a full jazz orchestra. The album features powerful swingers, lush sultry ballads, and dramatic layered vocal choirs. Several of the songs are inspired by Latin music as well as the classic "It Had Better Be Tonight" which features compelling vocals in both Italian and English. Each individual track is unique, yet there is an undeniably satisfying sense of cohesion throughout the entire album.

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