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Zara McFarlane for Tomorrow's Warriors

October 26, 2022 Rob Cope & Tara Minton
The Jazz Podcast
Zara McFarlane for Tomorrow's Warriors
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Show Notes

Recorded live at The Jazz Café, Camden – the spiritual home of Tomorrow’s Warriors – across three I AM WARRIOR gigs between 2019-2021, the album features recording of specially commissioned work by some of our award-winning alumni, including Zara McFarlane, Cherise Adams-Burnett, Camilla George, Cassie Kinoshi, Denys Baptiste, Nathaniel Facey, Sheila Maurice-Grey, Soweto Kinch, Mark Kavuma, Rosie Turton, Mark Crown, Shirley Tetteh, Ben Burrell, Binker Golding, Peter Edwards and Femi Koleoso

The project saw established musicians composing for and performing with the next generation of young jazz talent, creating collaborations that cross over generations of musicians and capture the essence of the Warriors ethos ‘Each One, Teach One’. 

I AM WARRIOR is The Sound of Tomorrow’s Warriors LIVE.  

Not only is this a fantastic collection of music, capturing the ’lightning in the bottle moment’ of the live performances, but it is also a great way to support us. All the proceeds from the sale of this collectors’ item, limited-edition vinyl pressing will be reinvested back into the work of Tomorrow’s Warriors Trust (Charity No 1153613). 

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