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Julie Campiche

December 09, 2022 Rob Cope & Tara Minton
The Jazz Podcast
Julie Campiche
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Show Notes

Experimental jazz harpist, vocalist, composer, electronic music producer, Julie Campiche’s innovative musical language is an on-going process in which she shares her vision of the world. Through her early experience in jazz, classical electronic and avant-garde experimentation this harp jazz pioneer has developed an authentic extremely diversified style. Her music is imbued with intensity and urgent fragility.

Campiche founded the Julie Campiche Quartet in 2016 by bringing together some of the most promising Swiss musicians of their generation to create an ensemble that has stood apart. Their work includes instrumental electronic effects in the acoustic space intertwined with organic sounds and electronic samples all of which are used in a complex musical structure. The quartet’s sonic signature is unique in the world of contemporary and progressive jazz.

The Julie Campiche Quartet release their sophomore album ‘You Matter’ on the 4th of November 2022. It is an experimental body of work in avant-garde jazz with the magical, unexpected and emotive sounds of the harp at its core. It is the fruit of their five years experience on the road together. They have grown as one voice towards a new visionary, conceptual, intimate space. Their orchestration is more developed, the instrumentation more expressive, their musical structures and harmonics more and more complex.

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