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Jonathan Lindhorst

January 31, 2023 Rob Cope & Tara Minton
The Jazz Podcast
Jonathan Lindhorst
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Jonathan Lindhorst is a Berlin based saxophonist and composer who is not only an active member of the Berlin jazz and free improvised music scene, but also plays regularly in New York and in his home country of Canada.

  In addition to leading his Canadian based project The Limerence Quartet, he is a member of Innocent When you Dream: The Music of Tom Waits, Fake Noise, Hover Trout, and various other Berlin based collective projects.

Lindhorst has performed at numerous venues and festivals throughout North America and Europe, including the North Sea Jazz Festival, The Montreaux Jazz Fest, and the L'Off Festival de Jazz a Montreal, and alongside such great musicians as Christine Jensen, Anne Mette Iversen, Tobias Meinhart, Phil Donkin, Sebastien Ammann, Dan Peter Sundland, Aaron Shragge, Eyal Lovett, Alexander Maksymiw, and Peter Van Huffel to name a few.

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