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Gaz Hughes

April 10, 2023 Rob Cope & Tara Minton
The Jazz Podcast
Gaz Hughes
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Show Notes

Beboptical Illusion is the 3rd release from drummer and band leader Gaz Hughes, today we preview the new music on the show. This album features the same trio from his previous albums but marks a leap forward in the band's evolution as most of the tracks are original compositons.

The album was recorded in August 2022. It is being released on 3rd Feb 2023 and will be supported by a huge UK tour.

For more details see:


released February 3, 2023 

Gaz Hughes - Drums 
Andrezej Baranek - Piano 
Ed Harrison - Double Bass 

Recorded by Dave Speakman 
Mixed by Dave Speakman & Gaz Hughes 
Mastered by Pete Maher 

Photography by Nathan McDowell 
Art work by Tom Sullivan.

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